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    This course aims at two target groups, namely, the ones who are already working in the retail sector and want to improve their skills as well as those who thinking about about starting a career in the retail sector.

    If the you belong to the second group, this course will give an understanding about the importantant parts of the retail sector and help you to figure out whether you like it.

    Estimate time for completion: 45 hrs

    • Pre-Test

      Retail Skills Training Pre-Test

      Do you think you can fit to the retail business? Rate yourself. Do the pre-test and find out.

    • Introduction: Basic Information

      Brief Introduction:

      In this chapter you will experience the diversity of retail: Hundreds of shopping centres, thousands of stores with countless products on the shelves, colourful displays, campaigns, promotions, smiling and energetic employees…

      You will also see how a sustainable career in Retail Sector is possible. First things first, you need to step into the sector believing in yourself and your capabilities.

      Table Of Content
      1. What Is Retail At First Glance?
      2. What Does A Career In Retail Mean?
      3. What Is The Definition Of Retail?
        3.1. Difference between retailer and wholesaler?
      4. How Does The Retail Business Work?
        4.1. Functions Within a Retail Company
      5. Why Is Retail Interesting?
        5.1. Forms Of Retail
        5.2. Trends In Retail

      The Sounds of Retail

    • Success Stories

      • Focusing on Customer

        Brief Introduction:

        In this chapter you will learn how to communicate with your customers. You will understand how to influence their purchasing decisions with your attitude. You will also learn about different customer types and their buying behaviour.

        Table Of Content
        1. Who Is The Customer?
          1.1.What Do The Customers Value?
          1.2.Segmenting The Customers
        2. Understanding The Customer
          2.1. Formation Of Attitude
          2.2. Buying Behavıor
          2.3. The Buying Process
          2.4. Factors Impacting The Purchasing Decision
          2.5. Customer Purchasing Decision
          2.6. Why The Customers Are Leaving Us
          2.7. Customer Types
        3. Means Of Customer Communication
        4. Quiz
      • Sales

        Brief Introduction:

        In this chapter you will be learning about how to make customers feel comfortable so that they visit your shop again and be a loyal customer.

        You will therefore learn how to get prepare to sell, for example, how to present goods in a proper way; how to do successful sales talk; and what to do after the sales procedure is complete.

        Table Of Content
        1. How To Be A Successful Salesperson
          1.1.Customer Orientated Attitude
          1.2.What Duties Do You Have As A Salesperson?
        2. How Do You Get Prepared To Sell?
          2.1.Personnell’s Outer Appearance
          2.2.Preparing The Store
          2.3.Product Information
          2.4.Presenting The Product
        3. How Do You Do Successful Salestalk?
          3.1.Stages Of The Sales Dialogue
          3.2.Contact Stage
          3.3.Needs Stage
          3.4.Proposal Stage
          3.5.Closing Stage
          3.6.Sending Off The Customer
        4. What Are The After-Sale Procedures?
        5. Tips
      • Cash Desk Procedures

        Brief Introduction:

        In this chapter you will get a first impression of the general work flow at the cash desk. Cash Desk is the place where shopping comes to an end and where the payment is received. Find out the reason why the cash-desk is one of the most important places in the store in this chapter.

        Table Of Content
        1. Importance Of The Cash Desk
          1.1.What Is The Cash Desk?
          1.2.Who Is The Cashier?
        2. Working At The Cash Desk
          2.1.Start Of The Shift
          2.2.Tasks During The Shift
          2.3.End Of The Shift
          2.4.Stressful Situations
        3. Safety Issues
          3.1.Theft By Customers
          3.2.Counterfeit Money
        4. Tips And Dialogues
        5. Glossary
      • Supply Chain

        Brief Introduction:

        In this chapter you will see how to deal with ordering and receiving procedures of goods. How to check-in and check-out goods, as well as, how to manage the stock.

        Table Of Content
        1. Definition
        2. How Does The Chain Of Retail Works?
        3. What Procedures You Perform At Shops?
          3.1.Basics Stock Control
          3.2.Inventory Management
          3.3.Quantity And Damage Repports
          3.4.Registering The Goods In The Erp System
      • Regulations

        Brief Introduction:

        In this chapter, case studies will tell you about the regulations that you need to stick to in order to do business respecting the store’s, the customer’s and your own interests.

        Table Of Content
        1. Introduction
        2. Consumer Protection
        3. Labor Law
        4. Copy Rights
        5. Hygiene
      • Post-Test

        Retail Skills Training Post-Test

        Brief Introduction to be added...

      • Self Evaluation Test

        Brief Introduction to be added:

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